Monthly Website Maintenance

I absolutely love keeping an ongoing relationship with clients who I have built websites for.  I love being the person you can call when you have a question or when things go wrong… or when a new idea sprouts and you need help turning it into a reality. I take pride in taking good care of your site. I also love being able to provide YOU with peace of mind! With this service, I will:

  • Take care of WordPress software updates to keep your website at the latest version of software.*  This dramatically reduces any risk of malicious activity or hacking on your site.
  • Update your sites plugins. All plugins need to be updated along with WordPress core updates to ensure that things work well together, and as expected.  Developers of plugins are always coming up with improvements and security fixes, and I want to make sure your site benefits from that!
  • Create backups of your site. I’ve rarely seen any problems with sites IF you keep WordPress and plugins up to date but I would rather you AND I rest easy knowing that if anything DID go wrong, we can easily restore a functional site QUICKLY. That’s why making daily backups is so important!
  • All this… every week! Your site will remain in good hands on a regular basis.  Updates to WordPress and plugins come out all the time so it’s important to monitor on a regular basis.  With this maintenance plan, you can leave all of that to me and never worry about it at all.

Thank you again for leaving your website in GREAT hands… I assure you that I will take great care of it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Special THANK YOU rate of just $15 per month

* From time to time, there are major updates to WordPress and its associated plugins that involves a bit more time and research to ensure that no part of your site is affected.  For these instances, we’ll be sure to contact you and let you know what kind of effort is involved.  If there is an additional cost, Second Platform will extend a 20% discount on our normal hourly rates.  We won’t do any work without your approval first!