Shannon CollierSince 2003, I’ve been combining my knowledge and expertise of the web with my inner artist to help small businesses improve their online presence.

There’s no need to point out the fact that if you’re in business, you need a website.  There is also no shortage of services that theoretically help you create one “in just minutes!”.  The down and dirty truth is that it almost never takes “just minutes”, especially if you want to add your own special touches.  Can you build your own website?  Of course you can.  But it’s my belief that more success comes when you can identify when to do something yourself and when to have a professional do it so that you can spend your valuable time doing what YOU do best.  That’s where I come in.  Let me take away the headache of having to figure out how to build a website yourself.

The Second Platform

My business’s name was born out of a desire to help people – just like you! – take what they were doing to the next level.  That level is different for every person I’ve worked with.  Sometimes it’s taking those first steps with a brand new website.  Sometimes it’s taking an existing website and making that website work better for the business.  It can be taking the next step in creating a community through social media to help spread the word about the business.  With the web, the sky is truly the limit.

My Approach

Web design is, at one level, artistic expression, and what I produce is different for each client.  My approach is an iterative process that involves communication between you and I throughout the entire project.  After our initial conversations, I’ll check in frequently throughout the process to make sure we’re staying on track with your vision.

You’ll Get Our Whole Team

While my personal expertise is in the visual aspect of web projects, I am fluent in “nerd-speak” and have partnered with some excellent developers who complete the picture and make the websites we create functional for the specific things that your business needs.  That could mean anything from integrating an existing product or service into your website or creating custom web software to fill in gaps to meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to bring our creativity and industry knowledge to you in a down to earth, easy to understand way.  It’s your job to share your vision, it’s our job to make sense of the tech to make that vision shine.